About Us

In the late 1980s Jeff Howell and I were both supporting the UNIX operating system for Hewlett-Packard.  Independently we both transferred to the Denver, Colorado office.  This is where we met and shared our ideas and passions of starting a company.  In 1991, we formed a partnership and taking a cue from Hewlett-Packard we named the company Batky-Howell.

Batky-Howell’s initial focus was UNIX consulting but Jeff and I soon discovered the true need was for UNIX training. The transition from consulting to training began and we developed our first course, Fundamentals of UNIX .  This course was so successful it was quickly followed by Advanced UNIX Tools , Shell Programming , and C Programming .  We continued to add courses and currently have more than 100 classes in topics from Crystal Reports to Android Programming.

Based on customer feedback for training via on-demand streaming, we launched Learn by the Byte.  Learn by the Byte repackages our high-quality instructor-led courses which our customers love, into video-based, on-demand learning.  Our goal is to help you learn the topics you need wherever you are, at your own pace, in easy to understand bite-sized lectures.

We hope that you love our classes as much as we love teaching them. Please contact us to tell us what you think or to share ideas for new classes.

Bruce Batky, CEO and Co-Founder